Jallatte® Safety Boots

New Work Safety Boots by Jallatte®

JalRobson Safety Boots

Jallatte Work Safety Boots J0320 JalRobson

JalRobson Work Safety Boots £24.99

Comfortable, flexible and hardwearing, these ‘JalRobson’ work safety boots from Jallatte® are available in black leather are from the heavy industry range. The uppers are full grain water-repellent leather with padded ankle and tongue and have a quick drying breathable 3D lining. The multi-functioning Triftane™ sole with heel is resistant to acids, alkalis, hydrocarbons whilst still offering resistance to direct heat contact up to 300 degrees. The distribution and shape of the sole pattern ensures maximum grip across a multitude of industrial environments providing confidence even on hard, slippery surfaces.

These safety boots are manufactured to EN345-1 S3 HRO (superseded by EN ISO 20345:2004 and feature a steel midsole with a 200 joule perforated toecap (Jallatte® patent).

Available as limited stock in the following sizes:

UK size 6 (EUR 39)
UK size 6.5 (EUR 40)
UK size 7 (EUR 41)
UK size 8 (EUR 42)
UK size 10 (EUR 44)
UK size 10.5 (EUR 45)
UK size 11 (EUR 46)
UK size 12 (EUR 47)
UK size 13 (EUR 48)

All sizes priced at just £24.99 – BUY NOW!

JalHelgi Safety Boots

Jallatte JalHelgi Work Safety Boots Brown Leather J0671

Jallatte JalHelgi Brown Leather Safety Boots £24.99

The JalHelgi work safety boot has a full grain high stem brown leather upper with padded ankle and tongue, the uppers are also water and oil repellent and feature an achilles notch for extra comfort. The Softane™ comfort layer sole is flexible and light yet also absorbs heel shocks and vibrations and is complimented by Jallatte’s progressive heel shock absorbing technology.

These boots feature a large tip 200 joule perforated toecap for extra breathability and anti-slip oil-resistant outer soles, they are manufactured to EN ISO 20345:2004 S3 SRC standards.

Safety features:

  • Water & oil-repellent uppers.
  • Heel shock absorption.
  • 200 joule toecap.
  • Oil-resistant soles.
  • Anti-slip soles.
  • Antistatic.
  • Penetration resistance.
  • Slip resistance rating of SR3C

Available as limited stock in the following sizes:

UK size 5 (EUR 38)
UK size 6 (EUR 39)
UK size 6.5 (EUR 40)
UK size 7 (EUR 41)
UK size 8 (EUR 42)
UK size 9 (EUR 43)
UK size 10 (EUR 44)
UK size 10.5 (EUR 45)
UK size 11 (EUR 46)
UK size 12 (EUR 47)
UK size 13 (EUR 48)

Al sizes are priced at just £24.99 per pair!

JalPictor Safety Trainers

safety trainers navy nubuck jallatte j0633 jalpictor

JalPictor Safety Trainers £19.99

The JalPictor safety trainer by Jallatte® is lightweight and metal-free meaning they are great for transport and distribution workers frequently pass through security scanners. They feature a 3D honeycomb lining which improved air circulation around the foot and a Flextane™ technology for high-performance, pierce resistant midsole which covers 100% of the foot surface (and is 70% lighter than steel midsoles).

The Softane™ sole is flexible and light whilst absorbing heel shocks and vibrations. The uppers are navy nubuck with contrasting orange detail and grey stitching, have a padded ankle area and tongue and an achilles notch. There are also reflectors stitched into the woven lace loops.

Safety features:

  • 200 joule perforated polymer toecap.
  • Antistatic sole.
  • Oil-resistant sole.
  • Anti-slip.
  • Shock absorbing heel.
  • EN ISO 0345:2004 S3

Available in the following sizes all priced at just £19.99 per pair!

UK size 4 (EUR 37)
UK size 5 (EUR 38)
UK size 6 (EUR 39)
UK size 6.5 (EUR 40)
UK size 7 (EUR 41)
UK size 10 (EUR 44)
UK size 11 (EUR 45)
UK size 12 (EUR 46)



Jallatte® Softane™ Lightweight Safety Shoes

Jallatte® Safety Shoes with FleXane™ & Softane™

jallatte black safety shoes softane

Jallatte® Black Safety Shoes £19.99

The Jallatte® range combines safety, well-being, comfort and attractive styling in conjunction with  the latest in safety design. The J0344 safety shoe has Lightane™ technology which makes them lightweight, comfortable and hygienic, a Softane™ comfort layer and the Jallatte® Innovation: 3A Concept for optimised adherence and stability.

The uppers are black leather with an orange/grey woven collar and feature an achilles notch and grey heel tab. The safety shoes have two velcro straps (one of which is woven and features the Jallatte® logo) across the upper ensure a snug fit  and breathable ventilation gaps to the top and side uppers with smaller holes around the mid uppers.

These safety shoes conform to EN345-1 S1P HRO (superseded by EN ISO 20345:2004), and have the following safety features:

  • A 200 Joule Xétane™ toecap.
  • Pierce-resistant FleXane™ midsole.
  • 100% composite non-magnetic materials.
  • Do not conduct heat or cold.
  • Insole with carbon active component and anti-bacteria treatment.
  • Progressive heel shock absorber.
  • Optimised adherence tread pattern.

Available in UK sizes 6, 6.5, 7, 10.5 and 12 these lightweight safety shoes are limited stock at £19.99 per pair (+ delivery).

safety shoes jallette j0344 black leather


New Work Safety Boots

We have four new work safety boots at Mill Outlets this week, all are great value for money and can be shipped to the United Kingdom for only £3.95 standard flat rate delivery!

Tradesafe Builder Work Safety Boots with Steel Toe Cap

Tradesafe Builders Safety Work Boots Black

Tradesafe Builders Safety Work Boots Black £27.99

Available in UK sizes 8 to 11, these work safety boots have a 200 joule toe cap and a steel mid sole for personal foot protection whist at work. The sole is also oil and slip resistant and the safety boots feature heel absorption. Our Tradesafe branded work boots from this range are for industrial use and are manufactured to conform with ENISO20345:2004.  All sizes are priced at just £27.99.

Chantier Slip On Safety Shoes & Chantier Safety Trainers

Chantier Slip On Safety Work Shoes Tan

Chantier Slip On Safety Shoes £14.99

These steel toe cap safety shoes are an easy slip on design with pull on loops at the front and also to the back. The uppers of these work safety shoes are suede and we have limited stock in a UK size 6 only so grab them while you can! Priced at £14.99 + standard delivery.

Chantier Safety Shoes Steel Toe Tan

Chantier Safety Shoes with steel Toe cap £14.99

These steel toe cap safety trainers are lightweight and have an oil, acid and petrol resistant sole. The uppers of these safety trainers are suede and the colour is  tan with black trim. Available as limited stock in UK sizes 10, 11 and 12 all priced at £14.99 + standard delivery (our UK flat rate is just £3.95!).

Bolzer Work Safety Boots

Bolzer Blue Safety Boots Steel Toe

Bolzer Blue Safety Boots with Steel Toe Cap £14.99

These Bolzer work safety boots have a steel toe cap and soft upper mesh for added comfort. The boots feature eyelets to the top for easy fastening. These great value safety boots are blue  black with leather & suede upper.