St. Patrick’s Day: get into the green scene


You don’t have to go to Ireland to enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Whether you’re planning a party to celebrate or just fancy showing some good old Éire go Brách, it’s time to go green! Continue reading


Arm Caps & Chair Backs

6087-richmond-floral-leaf-arm-caps-chair-backs__96261.1407936632.1280.1280Decorative arm caps and chair backs will enhance the look of your living room and give your chair or sofa a longer life by protecting the arms from wearing too quickly.  5710-chenille-arm-caps-chair-backs-group-image__88460.1399911317.1280.1280







Arm caps & chair backs are a great quick and easy way to prolong the good looks of your armchair or sofa.


Here at Mill Outlets we have a fantastic selection of both arm caps and chair backs in a variety of styles, designs and colours; from traditional to more modern designs there is something to suit everyone.8026%2520Master__71253.1407940657.1280.1280



Flocked Cushion Covers

Flower Flocked Scatter Cushion Covers

Green Flock Cushion Cover

Flocked Flower Cushion Cover (Green) £4.79

New to Mill Outlets are these fabulous flocked cushion covers. Available in green, black, mulberry and cream these contemporary scatter cushion covers are great for sprucing up your living space and are a steal at only £4.79 each!

Each cushion cover measures 17″ square (43cm) and features a flocked flower stem design on both sides of the cover with a zip closure to the bottom. Printed onto a textured faux silk fabric, these cushion covers are machine washable at 30 degrees and can be tumble dried.

Black Flock Cushion Cover

Flocked Flower Cushion Cover (Black) £4.79

Green Flock Cushion Cover

Flocked Flower Cushion Cover (Green) £4.79

Flock Cushion Cover Cream

Flocked Flower Cushion Cover (Cream) £4.79

Flock Cushion Cover Mulberry Purple

Flocked Flower Cushion Cover (Mulberry) £4.79