The Innocent Big Knit – Get Involved

Need a new idea to keep the kids entertained over the school holidays? how about joining in with The Big Knit?. Every year hundreds of people knit tiny little hats to go on the top of innocent smoothie bottles to help raise money for Age UK.

For each smoothie that is sold with a hat on,  25p of that sale will be donated to the charity “Age UK”. This is a great cause to get involved in and we encourage you to buy a smoothie with a cute hat. Age UK invest a great deal of money into helping the elderly stay warm and toasty during the cold winter months and every little donation helps. Last year over £200,000 was raised to help keep thousands of older people warm and healthy in the UK.

There is plenty of time to have a go at some of innocent’s own creations ranging from beginner patterns to advanced  all available on their website, which they kindly provide the free knitting patterns for. If you’re feeling a little bit more adventurous create your own designs, how about some cute little animal designs or some funky avenger style hats, the ideas are endless!

We think these cute little hats could be used for lots of things, fab for the kiddies toys, cute little bottle toppers for wine gifts or just to decorate your house. For the perfect wool to get you started try our Dolly Mix Wool from King Cole. Alternatively you can take a look at our entire wool selection on our website.

Enjoy The Big Knit!

Creative Knitting

How creative is your knitting? I love finding amazing things that knitters around the world have created, and here’s a small collection from my huge list of favourites:

Knitted/Felted Shark Attack Hat by 3RaysOfSunshine:

This quirky design originally started out from a dead fish knitting pattern! I think it’s brilliantly creative and a great way to get the kids wearing hats in this rotten weather, I wonder if it would go down well with my 6mth old wearing one… See the original post here.

Shark Hat

3RaysOfSunshine's Shark Attack Knitted Hat.

Theresa Honeywell’s Motorcycle Cosy:

Theresa is well-known in the United States for her artistic knitting and feminine interpretation of every day masculine products, and this knitted pink motorcycle cosy is perhaps one of her most famous pieces.  Makes for a comfortable journey! Check out Theresa’s Official Website for more of her fun creations.

Knitted motorcycle theresa honeywell

Check out Theresa's official website here.

Sara Carr’s Lambswool Scarves:

All Sara’s pieces are handmade to order and these lambswool scarves are so tastefully creative. You’d think these scarves would be for children, but at 160cm long I was ecstatic to find they’re actually for us grown-ups 🙂 although children’s versions are available.

Keep going Sara, we love your stuff!

Sara Carr's Tulip Scarf Pencil Scarf Sara Carr

Knitted Icons Book

Last, but by no means least, is this knitting book by Carol Meldrum.  What better way to pass a sunny sunday afternoon than to immortalise your favourite legend as a knitted doll?  Patterns include Madonna, Bruce Lee, Elvis and Marilyn Monroe to name a few. The arrival of this book just goes to show that knitting is on the rise again, and dare I say it, cool?

Knitted Icons by Carol Meldrum

Knitted Icons by Carol Meldrum