Rainy Day Activity with the Kids – Finger Knitting

So with the good old British weather failing us today, here at Mill Outlets I decided to find a new activity to keep the kiddies occupied whilst it was cold and wet outside.

Whilst browsing the web I came across Finger Knitting; the perfect, relatively easy and cheap activity to do on a lazy afternoon on the sofa. Even better it can easily be taken along with you on a car journey to keep them entertained.

It’s not only a fun and creative activity for the kids,  it also teaches them about pattern recognition and how to follow instructions therefore making it a useful learning experience too!

All you need to get started is some wool , yarn or string (any colour you fancy, you can really let your imagination run wild here) and a pair or scissors (adult supervision needed with the little ones). I have found some basic instructions which I will list here but have also added an album to our pinterest full of ideas and instructions.

Happy Finger Knitting!

How to Finger Knit

  • Form a slipknot in your yarn and place it over the index finger of the hand you don’t write with – if you are right-handed, place the slipknot on your left index finger.
  • Pull firmly. You will now have two strands of yarn, the short end and the long one that is attached to your ball of wool or string. Allow both strands to hang below your finger.
  • Using your other hand, bring the long end of yarn behind and over your index finger, so now you have two strands of yarn over your finger.
  • Lift the first strand of yarn up and over the second strand and off the finger.
  • Grasp the two ends of yarn beneath your finger and tug on them gently to close the chain you have created and draw it up towards your finger.
  • Repeat until your chain is the desired length. Cut the yarn and secure tightly with a knot.

The Hail Hits Hard


This morning we had a huge hail storm battering our offices. On top of the incredibly cold temperatures we have right now this was not a very welcome sight. After the hail had died down we just had to go outside and take a look at the aftermath. In a very short space of time we ended up with small verges of slush (surely one of the slipperiest materials on the planet) built up around the sides of our building.


We can only imagine that weather like this is going to get worse and slush is one of the worst offenders when it eventually starts to snow. Slush will easily turn into death defying ice should the conditions be right and has a tendency to cause flooding when it melts all in one day.

Your best bet to combat all these issues this year is to invest in a good pair of wellies or boots and wrap up warm during the evenings in our warming fleece dressing gowns.