Knitting Abbreviations (UK)

Knitting Abbreviations Chart (United Kingdom knitting terms)

Abbreviation Instruction
alt alternate
approx approximately
beg beginning
CC contrasting colour
cont continue
dec decrease
dpn double pointed needle
foll following
folls follows
g st garter stitch
inc increase
k knit
k2tog knit two together
kfb knit into front and back (of stitch)
KTS knit the steek stitch.A steek is a bridge of extra stitches. Steeking is a technique used to knit in the round leaving sleeve openings until the end of the pattern.
kwise knitwise (inserting the needle front to back)
LH left hand
m1 make one
m1l make one left
m1r make one right
m1p make one purl
MC main colour
N1 or N2 needle 1 or needle 2
p purl
p2tog purl two together
patt pattern
pm place marker (or stitch marker)
psso pass the slipped stitch over
pwise purlwise (inserting the needle back to front)
rem remaining
rep repeat
rnd round
RH right hand
RS right side
sl1 slip one stitch
skpo slip one stitch, knit one, pass sl st over
sm slip marker
ssk slip first stitchm slip second stitch and work both together off the right-hand needle
st(s) stitch(es)
tbl through the back of the loop(s)
tog together
w&t wrap and turn
wyif with yarn in front
WS wrong side
yf yarn forward
yo yarn over
yon yarn over needle
yrn yarn round needle

If you would like to add to this list, simply leave a comment below!

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