Show the big freeze the door

keep warm in winter
Temperatures are dropping in the UK with flurries of snow and icy winds forecast throughout January. With this in mind, we invite you to warm up with our super-hot prices on all things cosy for you and your family. Continue reading

New Autumn Winter 2014 Slenderella Nightwear


Now the weather is getting colder it is time to start thinking about warmer nightwear for those cold autumn and winter nights! There is nothing nicer than putting on your snug, warm and Fotor0908120118cosy nightwear and we have just got a large delivery of some fantastic luxurious quality nightwear from well known brand ‘Slenderella’.

Perfect to treat yourself or to give as a lovely gift; especially with Christmas getting closer! Our selection includes night dresses, night shirts, ponchos, gillets, bathrobes, dressing gowns, pyjamas, bed jackets and onesies. They come in a range of different designs, colours and sizes giving you plenty of choice when making a decision. All the garments are made from the highest quality materials including luxurious high quality fleece, so why not take a look at all our range now.Fotor0908120437

The Christmas Jumper – Love it or hate it?

PicMonkey Collage

Now the weather is turning cold and wet it’s making me think about warm clothes and the next big event that everyone loves; Christmas! Whether you love it or hate it, you can not deny that the Christmas jumper is one of the most talked about items of clothing every winter.

It is only in recent years that it has made a comeback and has now become a must have item for everyone’s winter wardrobe. All the top high street stores stock them and they fly out fast but what is becoming increasingly popular is hand knitted versions; just like the ones you never wanted to wear that your Granny had knitted for you!

Why not get crafty and try knitting your own this year? We stock lots of Christmas knitting patterns, including jumpers and outfits for both children and adults!

School Uniform For Less



It’s that time of year again; back to school! The school uniform list can be huge and we are all looking for the best bargains without compromising on the quality. With nearly everywhere stocking school uniform it works in our favour as all stores need to be competitive with pricing however kitting your kids out in a whole new school uniform can still be a pretty big expense so I’ve searched the internet to find out what all the supermarkets and high street stores have to offer this year.

Tesco sell complete uniforms from just £5.75, making them the cheapest I could find. The uniform ranges from 3-16yrs and includes a basic range available both online and in store with free click and collect available in over 900 stores across the country. Stock does seem to selling fast especially in the basics range.
What you can get :
Basic Sweater – £2 available in red & navy
Sweatshirt – £3 available in navy, green, grey, red, dark red, royal blue & dark grey
2 pk Polo Shirts – £3 available in white, yellow or light blue
Basic Trousers – £1.75
Skirt – £3

asdalogoAsda sell complete uniforms from just £8.50 making them also excellent value for money. They offer sizes from 3-16yrs again online and in store with free click and collect offered.
What you can get :
Sweater – £3 available in green, royal blue, red, black, navy, purple, grey & brown
2 pk Polo shirts – £2.50 available in white, red, blue, yellow & green
Trousers – £3
Skirt – £3

Sainsburys offer complete uniform from £10, slighty more expensive than the other two supermarkets but you are buying slightly more items due to multipack sizes so it is best to keep that in mind. Currently available in store only, it is best to use the store locator to check for your nearest store that stocks clothing.
What you can get :
2 pk Sweaters – £4 available in royal blue, navy, green & red
3 pk Polo Shirts – £3.50 available in white, red, navy, yellow and blue
Skirt – £2.50

BHS are offering complete uniforms from £11. They stock size 3-16yrs (price does vary by size) and are available both online and in store with free click and collect to store offered. Certain items seem to be available in limited sizes only at the minute so it’s best to keep checking.
What you can get :
Sweatshirt – £3 available in red, royal blue & black
3 pk Polo Shirts – £4.50 available in white, yellow, blue & red
Trousers – £6.00
Skirt – £3.50

Marks & Spencer are offering a full uniform from £14 available in sizes 3-16yrs (prices do vary by size) both online and in store. Free next day delivery is available to over 450 stores nationwide.
What you can get :
Jumper – £3.00
Jumper – £4.00 available in black, royal blue, navy & red
2 pk Polo Shirts – £3 available in blue & white
Trousers – £8
Skirt – £8

Debenhams is offering a complete uniform from £17 for ages 3-16yrs. Available again both online and in store with a free click and collect service to store.
What you can get :
Sweatshirt – £5 available in black, green, red, dark red & grey
2 pk Polo Shirts – £5 available in blue, white & red
Trousers – £7
Skirt – £7

Next offers full school uniform from £17 in sizes 3-16yrs. Available online and in selected stores.
What you can get :
Sweater – £6 available in blue, navy, black & red
2 pk Polo Shirts – £6 available in white, blue, yellow & red
Trousers – £7
Skirt – £5

John Lewis offers a complete uniform from £18 making it the most expensive out of the ones I found. It does offer both a standard and value range in sizes 3-16yrs. Available in store and online with free click and collect offered to selected John Lewis & Waitrose stores.
What you can get :
Standard Sweatshirt – £6 available in grey, green, brown, red, navy, blue, dark red & black
Standard 2 pk Polo Shirts – £7 available in white, blue, yellow & red
Standard Trousers – £8
Standard Skirt – £8
Value Range 2 pk Polo shirts – £3
Value Range 2 pk Trousers – £8
Value Range 2 pk Skirts– £7 (only currently available in limited sizes)


There certainly is a huge and varied selection of uniform available, some stores have a much wider selection of colours available whereas others have a wider selection of styles. School uniform is very much down to personal choice and budget but there is definitely somewhere to suit every budget.  Hopefully this will help you with finding the store most suited to your needs.

Here are Mill Outlets we don’t sell school uniform but we do sell some fantastic character winter hats that would be ideal for school! We stock various designs, Despicable me, Hello Kitty, Ninja Turtle, Angry Birds and more!