2016 is a Leap Year

2016 is a leap year, when a Leap Day is added as 29th February. It was added by the Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus.  It is needed every 4 years to keep our calendar in alignment with the Earth’s revolution around the Sun.  It takes exactly 365.2442 days for a complete orbit of the earth around the sun.

This extra day makes the year 366 days long instead of 365, there will be a February 29 2016.

Tradition says that in a Leap Year a woman can propose to a man.  St Patrick supposedly gave women the chance to propose to their suitor every Leap Year, after St Bridget had complained that some women were having to wait too long for their men to propose.  Unfortunately research shows that it usually ends in failure.



Source: timeandday.com

Top Tips for Bonfire Night

What are your bonfire traditions? Joules Journal tells you about their top 5.


Find our suggestions below:

1. Build the Fire – collect up any old pallets, bits of timber and garden waste. Make it in the shape of a tipee and keep a place for the Guy on the top.

2. Make a Guy – this represents Guy Fawkes the main conspirator who tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Collect some old colths and use a sack or pillowcase for the head, stuff the body with straw and put him on top of the bonfire.

3. Fireworks – prepare the firworks a safe distance for the spectators and enjoy the whoosh, the bang, the bright colours and the glorious spectical of the rockets in the night sky.

4. Food – Hot dogs and toffee apples are a must, they are the traditional food while keeping warm around the bonfire.

5.Keep Warm – the food and the bonfire will keep you warm but also make sure you wrap up warm with a hat, scarf and gloves.

Rubgy World Cup 2015

The Rugby World Cup is coming to an end with the last 4 remaining teams bringing southern atmosphere.

All european teams have been knocked out which is a shame!

Let’s keep supporting England team by wearing a red and white scarf.

Find out 2 knitting yarns with free patterns below:



“Flying a Carpet”, can it be done??

This is a great little video of a Japanese Astronaut trying to “Fly a Carpet” in Space. Does he succeed or does he cheat!!!

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Cute baby hedgehogs sneezing

Check out this video, that went viral, with over 1.5 million views of baby hedgehogs sneezing (or hiccuping).

If you are a knitter or know someone who knits, you could have your own family of hedgehogs using King Kole tinsel yarn and pattern.