Let’s hear it for the artificial tree

Have no fear, you can mention Christmas in September!

Christmas trees have come a long way since the gaudy aluminium structures of the 1970’s and for some, they are the best option in terms of maintenance and cost.

That’s why we’re showing some love for the artificial Christmas tree with our top five reasons to buy one this year. Continue reading


Rainy Day Activity with the Kids – Finger Knitting

So with the good old British weather failing us today, here at Mill Outlets I decided to find a new activity to keep the kiddies occupied whilst it was cold and wet outside.

Whilst browsing the web I came across Finger Knitting; the perfect, relatively easy and cheap activity to do on a lazy afternoon on the sofa. Even better it can easily be taken along with you on a car journey to keep them entertained.

It’s not only a fun and creative activity for the kids,  it also teaches them about pattern recognition and how to follow instructions therefore making it a useful learning experience too!

All you need to get started is some wool , yarn or string (any colour you fancy, you can really let your imagination run wild here) and a pair or scissors (adult supervision needed with the little ones). I have found some basic instructions which I will list here but have also added an album to our pinterest full of ideas and instructions.

Happy Finger Knitting!

How to Finger Knit

  • Form a slipknot in your yarn and place it over the index finger of the hand you don’t write with – if you are right-handed, place the slipknot on your left index finger.
  • Pull firmly. You will now have two strands of yarn, the short end and the long one that is attached to your ball of wool or string. Allow both strands to hang below your finger.
  • Using your other hand, bring the long end of yarn behind and over your index finger, so now you have two strands of yarn over your finger.
  • Lift the first strand of yarn up and over the second strand and off the finger.
  • Grasp the two ends of yarn beneath your finger and tug on them gently to close the chain you have created and draw it up towards your finger.
  • Repeat until your chain is the desired length. Cut the yarn and secure tightly with a knot.

Learn To Knit This Christmas

When your not cooking the Christmas Dinner or playing board games with your family this year during the Christmas festivities, you way want something to keep you entertained. So why not learn a new skill. Knitting is a great way to spend some free time and when your good enough you can can do it while doing other things like watching the TV.

Knitting is a widely used therapeutic tool in mental institutions due to its ability to keep people focused and calm, so Christmas is the perfect time to learn this great relaxing hobby. We have found a brilliant little video on Youtube to help you learn the basics of knitting.

Have A Great Christmas!

National Barbecue Week


By Elena Chochkova (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0), via Wikimedia Commons

Next week is National Barbecue Week (27th May – 2nd June) which means its time to dust off your barbecue, fill it with some coals and get cooking some great food. Countries all over the world have all sorts of different styles of outdoor cooking and some countries that have good enough weather can even cook outdoors everyday.

In Jamaica outdoor cooking is a way of life with one of their most famous dishes being Jerk chicken, and who can forget the fabulous Scotch Bonnet chilli which is one of Jamaica’s favourite cooking ingredients.

Australia is also well known for barbecuing being a large part of their culture, mainly because they have the weather to do it almost every day. Australia even has public coin operated gas or electric barbecues in parks to encourage people to get out and cook some healthy grilled food under the beautiful sun. Australians are also well known for barbecuing shrimp and shell fish.

Americans love to barbecue and are well known for the phenomenon of tailgating. This often occurs in the parking lots of American Football matches and Baseball Games where hundreds of people pull up and unload stacks of meat, kegs of beer, and huge BBQ’s. Then they all get grilling and everybody enjoys each others food and the parking lot turns into a festival type atmosphere.

In South Africa they celebrate barbecuing with an event they call “Braai Day”. Braai is the South African word for barbecue or grill. The day is celebrated annually on the 24th of September which is their spring and aims to unite all South Africans together with a day of fun activities and great food.

Now you’re in the mood for some grilled meat or fish and your taste buds are watering you’ll need some tasty recipes to make your BBQ go down like a house on fire with your friends. Barbecuing should be very rustic and should never be fancy food that’s too complicated. Burgers, steak, ribs, wings, sausages, shrimp, and hot dogs are all acceptable dishes. If your into the American style of barbecuing then we’ve found a great website online full of barbecuing recipes which we would like to share with you.

It’s the website of the famous BBQ PIT BOYS from the American oil state of Texas where they love to rustle up a good BBQ. These guys have started a YouTube channel showing off their recipes and barbecuing tips while at the same time somehow managing to merchandise their name and have groups of people creating “Chapters” of their own all around the world, almost like the scouts but for middle aged hungry men. They now have 680 Chapters all around the world spreading the word of the BBQ PIT BOYS and their recipes.

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