Your Christmas Day

We’re sure you’ve remembered the all the major ingredients of Christmas Day like presents and food, but there may be a few elements that you’ve forgotten.

We’ve thought of a few little touches to make your day extra special, so read on and celebrate with added sparkle.


Christmas morning

We can give little thought to Christmas Day morning attire as traditionally it has been spent opening presents after being dragged out of bed at 4:00 am by an excited child.

However, in today’s wonderful world of social media, the likelihood of your old bathrobe gracing Facebook on Christmas Day is almost a certainty. Share away by treating yourself to some Christmas Day morning loungewear.

Your morning ‘outfit’ will also see you through any family FaceTime calls too! These onesies, pyjamas, and dressing gowns are perfect.

Leopard print onesie, great for loungewearTartan detail nightiesSnuggly dressing gowns

Christmas dinner

You’ve spent a small fortune on food and drink so make sure you set the scene by adding some extra pizazz to your Christmas dinner table.

Festive tablecloths, table runners, and good quality dinner napkins will really help to get your feast off to a merry start. Carry the theme right through to the kitchen with this Christmas-themed oven glove.

Christmas oven glove with holly

Holly and noel oven glove

Christmas day evening

The bustle of the big day is over which means it’s time to kick back and relax. Whether you’ll be watching a family film with the little ones, or snuggling up with friends, make sure you’ve got enough cosy blankets to go round. Our luxury sherpa fleece blankets are just the ticket.

Sherpa fleece Christmas blanket

Sherpa fleece blanket: selection of designs available


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