Let’s hear it for the artificial tree

Have no fear, you can mention Christmas in September!

Christmas trees have come a long way since the gaudy aluminium structures of the 1970’s and for some, they are the best option in terms of maintenance and cost.

That’s why we’re showing some love for the artificial Christmas tree with our top five reasons to buy one this year.

1. A synthetic tree is easier to look after

A cut tree will need to be topped up with water regularly, which is no mean feat since real Christmas trees can consume a gallon of water a day. Real trees will also dry out of they get too warm and can leak sap which will need to be cleaned up quickly.

With an artificial tree, nothing more than putting it together is required.


Our budget Canadian pine (6ft) at £11.99

2. It’s cheaper than buying a new tree each year

Unless you plan to re-use your tree the following Christmas (for which, we commend you), a cut tree needs a few more ‘accessories’ than an artificial tree would: an absorbent tree skirt (for those unfortunate water or sap accidents); a good quality stand (believe us, it will be heavy); and a darn good vacuum cleaner (see reason 5).

3. Artificial trees are flexible!

We’ve all bought a tree that’s ended up being too bulky for it’s intended space. While it’s hard to crush a real Christmas tree into submission, artificial trees are designed to bend and withstand lots of tweaking to fit your space.

Nine foot xmas tree for sale

Only £45.99

4. No pine needles

Enough said.

5. Artificial trees are great for the eleventh hour

Pop-up, pre-lit, or both. Artificial trees come in all shapes and sizes, and a pre-lit tree is perfect for those who aren’t keen on a fight with a string of fairy lights, or for those who just don’t have the time to prepare.


From £54.99

We’ll be giving you more tips and tricks for Christmas in the lead-up to the big event, but in the meantime, why not take a look at our artificial tree range? We even have a tree you can enjoy all year round!

A Christmas tree you can leave up all year - indoor or outdoor

A tree you can leave up all year – from £62.99



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