10 things to do on a rainy day

Wind, rain, the occasional glimpse of sun – welcome to British summertime! The changeable weather can mean a bright morning that turns into a very wet afternoon, but there’s no need to let the rain dampen your summer spirits. The odd rainy day can offer a great excuse to take time off and have fun with friends or focus on spending quality time with the family.

If you’re stuck for ideas on what to do when they sky turns grey, we’ve put together 10 rainy day activity ideas for inspiration.


1. Embrace the sogginess

  • Take the dog for a walk and splash in puddles (kids or no kids!) – keep your pet dry in the downpour with a waterproof jacket.
  • Attack those weeds! Dandelions and thistles are much easier to pull up whole when the ground is wet.
  • Showers are a great way to show off your new brolly – we love this cow print umbrella with built-in stand – perfect for showing off in a downpour.
  • Take a romantic walk, there’s something magical about walking in the rain with that special someone.
  • Buy some waterproof disposable cameras and get snapping the fascinating cloud formations, water droplets, and rainbows.
  • Go for a walk in the woods. The sound of rain hitting the tree canopy is amazing and there will be typically less walkers on a rainy day so you get to enjoy the atmosphere in peace (or relative peace if you’re taking the family with you).

Host a games tournament on a rainy day

2. Host a games challenge

If you’re stuck inside with the kids, dust off the board games and draw up a leader board on a large sheet of paper or card. The winner gets to choose pudding at dinner, or even better, the loser has to wash up! Kids will love being competitive against parents and siblings and it will give the whole family some much-needed time away from all those gadgets.

No kids? Crack out the cards for a poker tournament. Set up in the kitchen or dining room, whack on Viva Las Vegas, and throw this gaming cloth across the table for an authentic touch.

Why not go swimming, you're already wet on a rainy day

3. Go swimming

If going swimming on a rainy day sounds a bit odd, it’s actually a sneaky strategy to get the pool all to yourself since nobody else will want to leave the house. Visiting the local pool on a cold day can make the water seem warmer than it actually is too.

After you’ve enjoyed the empty pool, dry off with our new chlorine resistant towels then treat yourself to a little something from the vending machine.

Teach yourself to knit on a rainy day

4. Get crafty

Colouring books and finger painting are staple activities for bad weather, but if you want to have a go at something different, why not choose one of these creative activities?

  • Try your hand at sculpting with some air-dry clay, you can find it for a couple of pounds in most craft shops.
  • Help children to decorate their wellies with ribbons and stickers (then attack those puddles).
  • Melt wax crayons and transform them into something swanky using silicone cake decorating moulds.
  • Teach yourself to knit – check out our range of knitting yarns and accessories to get you started.
  • Have a go at needle felting – you can pick up a beginners kit for as little as £3.
  • Make a fancy pom-pom rug – see how here.


5. Get your family bake on

Kids love baking whatever the weather and armed with an easy-to-make packet of cake or muffin mix from the supermarket, you can. Everyone can help to decorate the creations and you can upload photos to Facebook for friends and family to vote for their favourites.

Clean-up is minimal when working from a packet but make sure the children have suitable protective aprons on such as these white bib aprons. You could even go the full measure and make them feel like real professionals with these kids chefs hats.

Finish off by eating several buns – we’d call that an all-round winning idea for a rainy day.

Have an indoor picnic when it rains

6. Have an indoor picnic

Whether you have restless children to feed or you’re just a big kid at heart, a picnic at home is a fun way to eat lunch while trying to ignore the downpour outside.

If you don’t mind a few crumbs on the carpet, the living room is a great venue for a picnic. Throw down a blanket or tablecloth, this checked seersucker cloth is our favourite, add some flowers and plants for that outdoorsy feel and you’re good to go.

For an easy life, serve pizza, carrot sticks, crisps, hot dogs and other finger foods. To create a more flamboyant eating experience, add a birdsong playlist and a traditional picnic basket with a bottle of fizz.

What to do when it rains

7. Have a mini movie marathon

This idea works for families, couples, and singletons. Solo viewers can simply grab the duvet and sign in to Netflix, but if you’re with others, you might want to have a plan…

  • Set a schedule and make sure everyone has input into the films you select.
  • Make sure there’s plenty of snacks and drinks.
  • Discuss how everyone is getting home afterwards, it’s easy to get lost in a movie and not realise the time.
  • If children are invited, make sure you allow for lots of bathroom breaks and opportunities to chat!

On a rainy day you could pamper your pets

8. Commit to a doggy day

Bad weather is the perfect excuse to stay in with your pet and give them an afternoon of pampering.

Start with giving your pooch a bath (you’re on your own with that, our only tip is to have a stash of treats to help get them in the water), wrap them up in a huge fluffy towel and give them a nice rub down. Once your furry friend is dry, finish off with a satisfying brush to de-fuzz.

If that’s not enough treats for the day, why not choose some new toys together? We stock a range of dog toys and accessories and if you subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll get a 10% off coupon to use with your first order.


9. Start planning Christmas

We haven’t gone mad – summer is the perfect time to start your Christmas planning. Despite criticism aimed at premature Christmas advertising, Brits are starting to think about Christmas shopping much earlier than before.

Along with helping to spread the cost of festivities, shopping early will ensure you don’t miss out on specific gifts that sell out before you get a chance to purchase them.

Make a start on your seasonal planning by:

  • Writing a gift list so you don’t forget anyone;
  • Planning where you will spend Christmas this year and who with;
  • Grabbing out-of-season bargains like these festive table linens;
  • Creating a Christmas savings pot and adding your first bit of cash to it;
  • Buying non-perishable foods in advance.

On a rainy day you could just do nothing

10. Do absolutely nothing

If we’re not working, glued to a screen, or sat in a traffic jam then we’re rushing around trying to fit everything else in. Taking time out to do nothing can seriously improve wellbeing and help de-stress a busy mind.

Doing nothing could be anything that takes little effort to do, it could even mean catching up on some sleep! Here’s our favourite ways to do as little as possible.

  • Read a book.
  • Take a long, relaxing bath.
  • Watch a favourite film.
  • Take a nap.
  • Listen to soothing music.
  • Switch your mobile phone off for as long as you can.


How is the weather treating you this summer, do you love the sun or prefer the rain? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.


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