The great British barbecue

Brits love a good barbecue, even if it’s pouring down with rain. The mere hint of sun or bank holiday and we’re in the shed, dragging out the BBQ. Whether you’re feeding the five thousand or just fancy a family meal alfresco, help your BBQ go with a bang with our top five tips.

1. Don’t be complacent with the cooking

We’re sure you worry about undercooking barbecue food and so you should be. However, you don’t want to cremate everything either.
Before you even think about cracking open the burgers, make sure you’re absolutely clear on:
  • How to light the BBQ
  • When it’s ready to use
  • How to tell when meat is fully cooked (sausages are notorious for looking cooked when they’re not)

And don’t forget to find out in advance if anyone is vegetarian – then be sure to keep a section of the grill specifically for cooking for meat-free items.


2. Use a charcoal barbecue

Yes, we know gas barbecues look great and can be more convenient to light, but they don’t really give that smokey flavour to food the way cooking on a traditional charcoal grill does.
If you’ve already invested in a gas barbecue but still want the flavour, you can use soaked wood chips wrapped in foil or a smoker box to get the same effect.


3. Dress for the job

As we pointed out in our garden party blog post, you need suitable protection if you’re going to take on the role of garden head chef. Choose a long apron to protect from spills or ash from the grill – if you’re on a budget, try this butcher’s apron at only £5.89.
If you have a little more cash to flash and really want to look the part, we’d recommend donning our deluxe BBQ apron (which also comes with a 4-piece cooking tool kit) or go the full monty with our hat, apron and gauntlet BBQ set.

4. Don’t put the food out too soon

We all like to graze while waiting for our double burger in a hot dog bun, but putting the food out too soon can affect flavour and also cause other problems.

Give the meat a chance to ‘rest’ once cooked and try not to let side dishes and salads sit out in the sun as this can pose a risk to health.


5. Chill and grill

You want everyone to enjoy themselves so you run yourself ragged trying to please everyone – sound familiar? If your gathering includes more than just a few family and friends, it will take some effort to help the occasion go smoothly so take some time to plan how you want the BBQ to play out.
  • Take turns – make sure your dining buddies know you’ll need some help holding the fort when you fancy a quick break
  • Make sure you BBQ in a safe location, i.e. not against a wooden fence or hedge – it’s slightly harder to enjoy a cold, wet burger courtesy of the fire brigade
  • Don’t forget the ketchup – you’ll never hear the end of it if you do
Okay, so we cheated a little in our ‘top 5’ by including a list within a list but we do like to give you that little bit extra, think of it as a reward for making it to the end of the article!
We’d love to hear your barbecue tips so do leave us a comment below.

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