Mill Outlets Gets New Offices Built

Not long ago Mill Outlets announced that we were moving to a new location in the lovely village of Braunston. Since then things have been great and we are now doing a bit of re-modelling to make our work environment a little more inviting.

We are vastly increasing our working space and hopefully providing a much warmer office to work in during the winter by using plenty of high quality insulation.

The office started going up on Friday last week and already the main structure of the walls are done, all we need now is a roof, doors, windows, electrical fittings and a lick of paint. We are very impressed with the speed and quality of workmanship from the company we have used for the work.


It seems this is all down to getting the right man for the job, and we hit the nail on the head here. After much research, We settled with choosing MH Improvements for our work who specialise in home improvements, and based on our experience so far we would definitely recommend them.

If you want to get in touch with MH Improvements to discuss any of your re-modelling needs then we have provided you the contact information for them below.

MH Improvements – 02476511381, (07940560215)


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