Zip Mini Touch and Go Mobile Device Charger – Review

Zip Mini Touch and Go

We have got our hands on a hot new gadget from The Joy Factory known as the ‘Zip Mini Touch and Go’. Its a great little charger for your mobile phone or tablet, perfect to sit on your bedside table. The great thing about this charger is that it can charge up to 4 devices yet it is still incredibly compact. Its very sleek, lightweight and portable making it the ideal charger to take on holiday with you and would save taking multiple power cords for all your different devices.

The charger works by having 4 magnetic pads on the surface of the dock which when connected to the special included dongles instantly transfers power to your device. The dongles snap on and off the dock with ease making answering a phone call when your phone is on charge a total breeze. No more fiddling around with disconnecting pesky cords before answering that important phone call.

The Zip Mini also can be powered from the USB port of a computer or laptop making it even more portable, as long as you have the juice in your laptop to charge your phone that is. We think that the design of this product is brilliant and very handy so we are already using them in the office for staff to charge their phones on.

If you want one of these for yourself, we have a bunch of these currently ON SALE FOR ONLY £13.99 on our website, so get them now while stocks last, as we are expecting these to be popular.



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