Summer Festivals

Its summer and festivals are going on all around the country. We have festivals of all types happening including, food festivals, beer festivals, and music festivals. If your thinking of planning a weekend away this year to see some quality music or taste some wonderful food then we have found a great website listing details of all the festivals currently going on around the country.

Check out the Festival Calender to find the dates for many popular upcoming festivals.

Some fantastic looking festivals that take our fancy over the coming weeks are The Dorset Seafood Festival & The Great Dorset Chilli Festival.

The Dorset Seafood Festival looks like a great day out for sea food lovers, held at the Weymouth Harbour, it’s the perfect place for it, as you can see the daily hussle and bussle of the working harbour, while enjoying tasting some great freshly caught fish. It seems like they are going to have some great events going on too and will even have demonstrations from the head chef from River Cottage.

The Great Dorset Chilli Festival has been going since 2010 and is favoured by brave chilli lovers. Events include the traditional chilli cook off, a chilli eating contest, a chilli sauce competition and more. There will be plenty of chillis and sauces to taste through the day from a large number of exhibitors. Chillis will range from mild to the incredibly hot Naga Chilli (The hottest in the world) so don’t forget to take a large flask of cool refreshing milk with you.


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