Wearable Technology

We have had simple wearable technology that has been around for years now, like wrist watches and pedometers. Now with technology getting smaller and more advanced every day people are using more than just there pockets to keep gadgets on their person.

The most well known and most advanced wearable technology program going on right now is the Google Glass‘. This is like a very futuristic visor that can be worn like a pair of glasses during your day and you can use Google services to assist you with all sorts of things which show up in your field of view using a form of augmented reality. Its very cool and very expensive, currently it’s in closed development and only certain developers are invited to purchase one at the high price of $1,500. Once the developers have finished ironing out all the kinks and making great applications for it though, we should see it open up to the public so anyone with a few thousand dollars can pretend they are part of the cast from Minority Report.

FLORA - Adafruit

If you don’t feel like shelling out the big bucks for Google’s fancy new gadget then you can crack out your thinking cap and learn the basics of Arduino electronics to easily make something funky of your own. The best place to get hold of bits you can use to make your own wearable gadgets is by taking a look at the ‘FLORA’ development board at the AdaFruit Online Store (it’s an american store but they do international shipping).

To get some inspiration for creating your own wearable gadgets then check out the #WearableWednesday section of the AdaFruit blog. They also do some fantastic tutorials to help you get started with learning electronics and learning how to use the FLORA development board.

Enjoy making stuff and if you want to share any of your projects with us, let us know on our Facebook page.


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