MillOutlets Thoughts On The New Xbox One

Xbox One Console and Controller

Last week the new Xbox was announced to the world to compete with the recently announced Playstation 4. Already there has been plenty of mixed reviews and most people are not sure what to think. Is the new Xbox one a good thing or a bad thing. Where are they taking us and the future of our living room entertainment with this adventurous new piece of kit.

The Xbox One has gotten a lot more smart and focuses on a significant amount of controller free usage, the entire interface is gesture based using the new version of the Xbox Kinect. The new Xbox One requires a Kinect to be plugged in to even boot up. The interface gestures look very nice and intuitive, bringing an extra dimension to navigating your gaming console.

It seems they have gone a slightly different route with the Xbox One by implementing a whole new lounge entertainment system into it as well as making it a gaming console. They have included a whole live TV system, Skype & web browsing. If your TV provider doesn’t work directly with the Xbox One then luckily there is a HDMI pass-through to enable 3rd party set top boxes to be used with the Xbox.

When it comes to gaming its obvious that the Kinect is going to really come into play alot more in the next generation of our games. The Kinect has now become so advanced that it can detect your heartbeat allowing games to react to your emotional reactions when playing, creepy? or cool?, you decide. The new Xbox is now so integrated with the Kinect that using its advanced facial recognition it can automatically work out who you are and log you in to you Xbox Live profile as soon as you pick up the controller. This also applies to your friends.

With this amazing amount of knowledge about you, who you are, and what your doing with your games and your console, this may be the first console ever made that puts a significant financial dent in the second hand games market. Currently console games are free to be traded easily between people and the only thing you lose when buying a second hand game is the downloadable content. Now many console manufacturers want to put a stop to this by making a purchased game link with your online account, and when your account is linked to the incredibly advanced Kinect technology there’s nothing stopping them from locking down on the second hand markets completely. It has been confirmed that for a game to be unlocked for trade in the second hand market and move the game from being registered on one Xbox Live account to another Xbox Live account, an unlock fee will have to be paid!

In terms of the launch titles for the new Xbox One, they are the usual games released with most new consoles. We have games like, Call Of Duty, Need for Speed, Forza Motorsport, FIFA, Battlefield and a few more of the most popular games on the market.

Anyway, its best for you to make up your own mind on what you think about the new Xbox console, we here at MillOutlets think its pretty good but we are a little skeptical on what it might do to an already fragile second hand computer games market.

Here is the link to the keynote video if you want to watch the unveil of the new Xbox One.


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