The Roots Of May Day Bank Holiday

May Pole

May Day Celebrations first appeared way before the christian religion existed when people would worship gods and goddesses of the earth, instead of one almighty governing entity of the entire universe. In Roman Celtic Mythology, “Flora” is the name of the Goddess of flowers and spring, this is possibly why we have a brand of butter named Flora. Many years ago they would hold a festival in honor of Flora called “Floralia”. This festival lasted for six days involving gladiator games, dancing, circus performances and more.

During Europe’s conversion to Christianity, many of these traditional Pagan festivals were abandoned. Now we continue May Day celebrations with a modernised version which tends not to be attached to religion but the celebrations still derive from its pagan roots. What we celebrate now includes a number of traditional pagan customs such as, Dancing round the May Pole, Crowning a May Queen, and Morris Dancing.

May Day is also a bank holiday, and most town halls will be arranging some sort of May Day celebrations for the community. So if you will be spending your day off taking your kids out to enjoy the festival then we hope you have a great time. 🙂


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