The Tulip Fields Of The Netherlands

Netherlands Tulip Fields

The Netherlands is well known for cultivating vast amounts of Tulips, and this year wont be any different. Tulips bloom in early – late April just after Easter and are very beautiful. The best time to see them is the second half of April when the weather is much warmer.

Tulips are one of the most popular flowers in the world and the Netherlands dominates in exporting most of the supply to the rest of the world. As Tulips bloom in spring time they are commonly given to people in need of sympathy or care, so common occasions for tulips are funerals and hospital visits (Lets just forget the fact that NHS hospitals don’t allow you to bring flowers anymore shall we).

The Netherlands has hundreds of amazing Tulip fields’ making their landscape look like a sea of rainbows in some areas. I (The Web Developer) have been to the Netherlands a few times before and I thought I would share with you how to experience the Tulip season to the fullest and best value. There is also plenty of other fantastic cultural things the Netherlands has to offer, and tourists often associate the country with such things like windmills, cheese, museums, cycling, and of course tulips.

You can easily get to the Netherlands on a coach (If you are prepared for a 16 hour road trip). Eurolines (Part of National Express) now can offer you a return ticket to Amsterdam for as low as £36 travelling from London, Victoria or from Birmingham it will set you back £86.

Once you have got to Amsterdam the best place to go to see the Tulips in bloom is Keukenhof. This is a park full of millions of tulips and probably plenty of tourists. To get there you need to Find Leidseplein (A big open area in Amsterdam right next to the red light district where it seems travelling fair grounds and events are frequently hosted.) Here you can catch the number 197 to Schiphol and then the 858 to Keukenhof.

A journey like this would make a great long weekend this spring, so go for it.


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