Easter Sunday 2013

Easter Bunny

This year Easter Sunday is March 31st and every child (or adult with a secret inner child) is looking forward to a massive sugar rush, by eating hundreds of lovely chocolate eggs. I thought today I would recognize the origins of Easter and the reason it exists in the first place.

Easter is famously a religious festival recognized by Christians which celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus. It is held on a different date each year and is dictated by the movement of the seasons. The holiday was established hundreds of years ago by the First Council Of Nicaea, and it was decided to be held on the first Sunday after the full moon following the March Equinox. Due to the holidays religious links of the Resurrection of Jesus, Easter tends to symbolize new life, and usually falls in perfect time with spring which conveniently is also the beginning of natures yearly renewal of life.

With the birth of new life being celebrated there comes the tradition of eggs being consumed a lot around Easter. With this tradition we can’t forget to include a mention of the classic Easter Bunny. From my research there doesn’t seem to be any solid origin of the Easter Bunny, however there may be a few ties into religion with it being a fertility symbol but I can’t be 100% certain. All I know for sure is that he’s incredibly cute and makes children’s day by delivering them plenty of chocolate from his basket.

With eggs, chocolate or real, we love them this time of year. If you take a look around your local community you may find that there may be a local egg hunt running for the children but if you really want to get involved with the UK’s biggest Easter egg hunt then visit The Big Egg Hunt website. There you can find information about the huge Easter Egg Hunt happening this year where there will be large Easter eggs hidden around cities all over the country for you to find. It sounds like great fun and If you live in one of the cities they are covering why not go out with your friends hunting for some eggs while you buy the family the huge stash of chocolate they desire so much.

Painted Eggs

It can also be great fun this time of year to rally the kids together and decorate some hard boiled eggs ready to take part in an egg rolling competition or an egg and spoon race. It has been tradition to roll decorated eggs down grassy hills for hundreds of years now in the UK and to this day they still have an egg rolling competition on the Whitehouse lawn every year in the USA. If you are planning on decorating some eggs this year with your kids, why not share pictures of your creations with us on our Facebook page?


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