The First Signs Of Spring

Spring Lambs

Despite the fact we have had snow this week it doesn’t change the fact that we are now officially in spring.  There’s always plenty happening around spring time and if you live in a city its easy to forget about all the beautiful things happening around you this time of year. Spring time is natures beginning of the yearly life cycle, with Easter being just one way we celebrate the birth of new life.

Signs of spring come with warmer weather, rain instead of snow, flowers popping up, new born lambs, and that lovely inviting fresh feel to the air. If you happen to live the average city life with a 9-5 job and are looking for a good place to go with the family for a little bit of the country life, then we have a few great ideas for places you can visit in Warwickshire for a day out during a weekend.

As long as the weather remains good on your day of choice any of the following places will make for a great day out with the family to see the local wildlife. Both these places are perfect for a family picnic and they even accommodate barbecues in selected areas.

Daventry Country Park

Daventry Country Park is a park that has won a Green Flag Award for excellence. It is a great place for dog walkers and has a significant amount of public footpaths. The park is located on an old reservoir and is very popular with cyclists. There is a 2.5 mile cycle path all the way around the reservoir with great sights to see on the way round. They have a great play area for the young ones and some static fitness equipment for the healthy people. The park is very well maintained and has a visitors centre to help you plan your visit or host your event.

Draycote Water

Draycote Water is an actively used reservoir owned and maintained by Severn Trent Water, the area around it has great areas for walking, picnics and the reservoir itself is incredibly well known for its facilities for water sports and bird watching. There is a Sailing Club that you can join if you fancy learning how to sail, and you can also do a spot of fishing if you like, although as far as I know its catch and throw back only. Draycote water can certainly make for a great place to go cycling with the family (weather permitting) as you can cycle all the way around the reservoir with a great view of all the boats and birds as you go.

Anyway we hope this has inspired you to take a break from the run of the mill city life and get a breath of fresh air in the country. If you take a day trip with the family in the country this spring then why not let us know and share a few of your photos on our facebook page.


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