Comic Relief at Mill Outlets

Red Nose Day

Comic relief is today and Mill Outlets has been taking part with fun activities. Each member of staff wanting to take part donated some money to Comic relief and the games got under away. All the staff dressed up in their onesies/dressing gowns or pyjamas and brought in some of the finest food they could find for lunch under the theme of “Red”. This meant there was a significant amount of cherryade, pizza, tomatoes, crisps and sweets. With all that food polished off, we got onto the Quizzes that had been laid out by our resident accountant. These were not math problems but more quizzes about the staff, one of the most popular ones was where we all had to match each other up to their baby pictures from many decades ago, this proved rather difficult but fun all the same.

By the end of the day it was time for what we had all been looking forward to. This was the event where we were all going to pay 10 pence per throw to pummel our boss with water logged sponges. So… our boss donned a large rain coat and braved a barrage of sponges. It was all great fun and we raised a fair amount of money for charity, below are the pictures from the sponging.

Anyway we had a great time raising money, if you have anything similar to share then why not leave a comment below. Enjoy The Weekend!


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