Reddit Yarn Exchange 2013

Reddit Yarn Exchange

First of all if you haven’t heard of the website then you are missing out. Reddit is essentially the front page of the internet where links to all sorts of things based on every topic under the sun are submitted by the community. Quite frequently viral videos you see on the News (The Woman putting a cat in a dustbin for instance) will have been found on Reddit by a journalist. This makes Reddit the hottest place on the internet for news or anything that takes your fancy.

Reddit works by having multiple areas of the website called “Sub-Reddits” and each “Sub-Reddit” is based on one individual topic, similar to the way forums work. A person then submits a link and the rest of the community vote on the quality of that persons content. Its simple and it works very well!

Reddit have also been running for a long time now, a campaign branching off from Reddit called “Reddit Gifts“. Here they run “gift exchanges” which you can sign up to where you will be matched with a random person in the Reddit community. Once matched you then send each other a gift based on the gift exchange theme and any information you can find out about the person on the internet. The most famous gift exchange they run each year is “Reddit Secret Santa”, take a look at last years Reddit Secret Santa Stats.

This week we noticed that they are running something called “The Reddit Yarn Exchange 2013“. This exchange is happening this month only and if you go ahead and sign up for it you will be expected to send something to do with yarn to your perfect match and you will receive a similar gift from them. To take part you need to make sure you sign up before the 18th March 2013.

If you do decide to take part and receive a great gift from a fellow Redditor then why not share a photo of your gift with us on our Facebook Page, and of course post a picture to the “Reddit Knitting Sub-Reddit“.


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