Our Favourite Knitting Websites


Ravelry is a social network purley for knitters. It focuses on connecting people based on the hobby of knitting and crochet. Imagine Facebook but just full of hobbyists sharing knitting ideas and patterns. Ravelry is a great place to meet people with the same hobby as you and you can even sell completed knits in their online marketplace to other members.

Knitting Pattern Central

This website is great for finding knitting patterns for a new project and they also have a great archive of knitting tutorials to help you learn new techniques to impress you friends at your next meet with your knitting group. You can also do the same and submit tips and tricks to the website for the rest of the community to read.

All Free Knitting

The All Free Knitting Website is totally dedicated to offering its users with a huge archive of Free knitting patterns and tutorials to help people become lovers of knitting. This website even goes to the extend to review all sorts of different types of Wool and Yarn, offering you the perfect place to find just what you need for any project you are embarking on.

UK Hand Knitting Association

This is a body that represents many things to do with knitting around the UK. Here you can find out about local craft groups, find local craft shops, find out about events and shows, and of course learn to knit. This website can be a very good starting point for a beginner to the world of knitting.


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