The Perfect Pancake Recipe

The Perfect Pancake Recipe for Pancake Day

You may already be aware that Shrove Tuesday, otherwise known as Pancake Day in Britain is coming up. Shrove Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday which symbolizes the first day of Lent. Traditionally on this day people would repent their sins before the beginning of Lent where upon six weeks of prayer and fasting was undertaken until a celebratory feast on Easter Sunday to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus.

You may also be interested to know that many other places around the world still celebrate the same day for the same reason but in very different ways. The Americans celebrate Shrove Tuesday in New Orleans where is is called “Mardi Gras” (French for Fat Tuesday). This tradition is also seen in many other places around Europe where an extravagant festival is held on the relevant day, however it may be called something entirely different like in the Netherlands where they have a festival Called “Canival” (Pronounced “Carni-Val”).

Here in Britain we have a slightly simpler event called “Pancake Day” where households around the country celebrate by eating lots of pancakes. This means most British people around this time of year are on the hunt looking for the right recipe to satisfy the family and their hunger. Well… Your in luck as we have a great traditional recipe we have written for you below, which is perfect for the fan of the thin crêpe style pancake. Alternatively if you prefer a more American style pancake then try out Nigella’s American Breakfast Pancakes, which I must say are simply delicious.


  • 225g Plain Flour
  • 2 Large Eggs or 3 Small Eggs
  • 600ml Whole Milk
  • A Pinch Of Salt
  • Butter


  1. First Off Weigh out your flour, now sieve it into a large bowl to remove any risk of lumps. Then create a well in the centre of the flour.
  2. Now crack you eggs into the well being careful not to get any shell in there and add a pinch of salt, then beat with a Whisk until you have a smooth mixture.
  3. Now add the milk to the mixture slowly, beating it in as you add it.
  4. Once you have a well beaten smooth batter, cover and leave to rest in the fridge for 15 – 20 mins.
  5. Now add a small slither of butter in a small pan and heat until very hot, then take a ladle of your batter and evenly coat the bottom of the pan making sure it remains thin.
  6. Once cooked on one side here is your chance to attempt the flip. Flip the pancake to its other side to cook, if you don’t feel confident you can always use a spatula but this can cause it to fall apart. 30 Seconds on each side should be sufficient.
  7. Now you can eat it, see below for some serving suggestions. =D

Serving Suggestions

The traditional way to serve pancakes is with a squeeze of lemon juice and a sprinkling of sugar. You can also serve with a selection of sweet sauces such as Honey, Golden Syrup, Chocolate Sauce, or any other Assorted Jams. Another Idea is To Serve with Fruit and Ice Cream, vanilla ice cream usually goes well and fits nicely with Blueberry’s, Raspberry’s or Strawberry’s. For an alternative you can instead serve pancakes with a nice crispy bacon, often this would be accompanied with Honey or Syrup but its not essential.

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