Home & Self Improvement Tips – LifeHacks

We all love efficiency and saving money so anything we can do to help save someone time, money, and in some cases the environment by recycling, then we are more than happy to help. Below we have listed a few tips to quickly improve your lifestyle without having to buy expensive alternatives. These Tips are usually commonly known as LifeHacks on the internet and we have selected our first few favorites we came across as well as a few of our own. Some of the sources of these Tips are from the wonderful community at Reddit and the well known YouTube channel HouseHold Hacker.

Removing a screw with a damaged head

Place a rubber Band over the head of the screw, then get your screwdriver in over the top, press hard and start unscrewing, and it should just come right out.

Diffuse a scent into a room with ease

Spray a small amount of perfume or essential oil onto a cold light bulb in your room. Soon after turn it on, the heat from the light will the diffuse the scent into the room.

Make your own DIY Phone or Tablet Stylus

Cut a small Square out of an empty crispy packet, give it a quick wipe off and roll it into a cone shape. Tape it to the end of a pen or even your finger and hey presto, an instant free stylus, plus the cost of crisps of course, but they are an acceptable expense.

Natural Paint Remover

Got some oil based paint on your hands while painting around the house? No problem, easily remove it with a few drops of olive oil, rub the olive oil into your skin and rinse with soap and water, the paint should come right off. This also works using mayonnaise.

Take More On Your Picnic

Instead of filling your cooler with ice, simply freeze the bottles of water you take for drinking and use that to keep your food cold. By the time you reach your picnic spot your drinks will be thawed and your food still cold.

Unclogging a shower head naturally

Got a clogged shower head, simply fill a large bowl with vinegar, remove the shower head and give it a good dunk for about 15 minutes. After its vinegar bath, re-attach the shower head and it should be unclogged.

Cleaning windows with lemon juice or vinegar

Got some lemon juice in the fridge from a recent pancake day or some vinegar from a recent trip to the chippy? Why not use it to clean you windows? The citric acid in lemon juice will help to break down any grime and keep your windows shiny. With vinegar the Acetic acid does the same as the lemon juice and gives it a really good sparkle.

Breaking an envelopes seal without damaging it

Take the envelope and place it in the freezer for about 30 minutes. Afterwards, open the envelope with ease. When its defrosted, re-seal with ease.

Finding Bad Eggs

Place the egg in a bowl of water, bad eggs float, good eggs sink. Simple!

Freshen up a stinky dish sponge

Take the dank and smelly sponge, add a small bit of water, add a small bit of washing up liquid and put it in the microwave for a few minutes, afterwords your sponge should be dry and smell really nice.

Automatic Toilet Cleaner

Cleaning the toilet can be a drag, why not ease the pain by dropping in a few antacid’s and watch them fizz the dirt away. Give it a flush and hey presto, one clean toilet. You can usually find antacids in your local chemist and they are used to settle your stomach, solve heartburn, ease acid indigestion. They are frequently at the back of many peoples home closet of pills and potions.

A quick DIY cookbook holder

Need something to hold your cookbook in the kitchen? Try a clothes hanger used for holding trousers, the clips make it perfect for clipping a lightweight book to and hanging from a kitchen cabinet.

Freshen A Room With Coffee

Why buy expensive air freshener, if you like the smell of roasted coffee beans, take a small bowl and fill it with some coffee beans, place a Tea-light in the centre and light. Then gradually let the fragrance fill the room, Until you have drank all your coffee that is.


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