The Snow Is Finally Upon Us

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Well as you may have noticed the news has been bombarding us with fear mongering weather warnings for the past few weeks in a vein attempt to prepare us for something that the British are never prepared for despite experiencing the same thing every year. Whats that you may ask?… SNOW!

Yes, it seems we have finally been hit with a bout of snow. As usual the Traffic has gone insane and there are people crashing their cars left right and center. I should mention here that if you are thinking of going out in a car in the snow then drive slow and very carefully. You have no doubt got a much better chance of getting to work in this weather by walking, as long as you don’t live to far away that is. If you fancy taking a mini winter expedition in the snow before it melts why not do it in some of our fantastic Snow Boots.


Anyway, we have shared a few images in this post of what the snow is like in our area so based on that, wrap up warm, and make sure you stay snuggled up in a nice thick blanket on these chilly winter nights. If your outside building a snowman make sure you wrap up your children warm and don’t forget your sun-glasses to protect from snow blindness.

Have Fun This Winter =D


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