Let’s Make Baking More Fun By Adding Children!

Making Baking Fun For Kids

– by Maya Savanovich from The Cake Factory

kids baking aprons

Kids love cakes! The activity is much more appealing for them when the finished cakes are colourful or have glitzy decorations on them. Some kids may only be interested in decorating the top, but there are many who get excited by the squidgy filling or extra fudgy chocolate there is in every bite! One way or the other, helping out in the baking process is always fun for children. But how do you get your kids interested in baking in the first place? Here are some tips on how to spark their interest:

  • Give them light tasks !

First is to let them do the light tasks such as cracking the eggs, pouring the ingredients in the mixing bowl, let them mix when the batter is already smooth and silky. A lot of parents don’t like their kids being dirty so they just let them sit and watch while he or she bakes but kids are playful, so letting them keep still in a corner while you bake will not be much fun for them! Doing so will also leave them an impression that baking is not for kids. In this case, you let your children miss a worthwhile chore for them, so ask for their assistance and you can expect a happy and willing response from them.

  • Show them colours !

Show them the colours of the decorations and mixture. Have a variety of sweets for decoration – especially for cupcakes. There are jellies that are specially made for cake toppings. You can also use fresh fruits or cereals to top your cake if you don’t want the extra sugar in their system.

  • Let them decorate !

Let them decorate their own cakes, buns and cupcakes -you’ll be surprised how creative kids can be. Never mind the mess, as long as they are enjoying themselves just let them decorate on their own. Then you can expect them to be excited about the next cakes that you will make together.

Baking your own cake is fun, but it can get more exciting when you bake it with your kids, it’s very much a bonding moment and at the same time you’re also teaching them some responsibility in a fun way. You don’t need to buy in celebration cakes when you can make a personalised one with a dash of TLC to go with it – even if it is lop-sided!

This article was written exclusively for the Mill Outlets Blog by Maya Savanovich from The Cake Factory in Perth, Australia. The Cake Factory is an occasion cake and cookie wholesaler in Perth.


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