Hands Free Baby Apron Towel

bath towel baby towel apron hands free dad mill outlets

Hooded Baby Bath Towel £11.99

Bathing your baby can be a bit of a juggling act but this clever baby bath towel can also be used as a hands-free towelling apron for Mum or Dad. No more worrying that your chilly baby will slip through your arms whilst reaching for a towel or that your bathroom floor will be wet and slippy from excess pools of water! With the baby apron towel, your baby will be dry and warm leaving you to complete the bathtime routine stress-free.

This baby apron bath towel is so simple to use:

  1. Wear the towel apron style whilst bathing your baby.
  2. Take baby out of the bath and wrap snugly in the towel.
  3. Pop the hood over baby’s head to keep warm.

This super absorbent baby towel is made from 100% cotton for baby’s delicate skin and has a luxurious neutral, pale lilac fabric trim all around the edge. A cute little teddy bear holding a flower is appliqued discreetly to one side of the baby towel (5cms approx.).

  • Apron-style design leaves both hands free to lift your baby out of the bath.
  • Mum or Dad stay dry under the apron-style towel.
  • The fine velcro fastening can be released with one hand.
  • Non-bulky design to dry baby comfortably.
  • Apron neck straps doubles as a hood for drying baby’s hair.
  • Machine washable to 60 degrees, can be tumble dried and ironed.

This baby bath towel makes an ideal lasting gift that is suitable for use from newborn until baby is a toddler and beyond (our baby model in the product photograph is 18 months old).

We would recommend you wash this baby bath towel before first use to increase absorbency.


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