Stylecraft Ruffles Scarf Yarn

Ruffles Scarf Wool Burgundy 1469

Ruffles Scarf Yarn £6.49

This premium acrylic scarf yarn is soft and silky and knits to chunky weight. From the new range at Stylecraft the Ruffles yarn is available in six shades all in 100g weight balls (30m/33yds approx). One ball will make one scarf using the stylecraft pattern printed on the inside of the ball band and the simplicity of the idea makes this yarn a great choice for knitting scarves as gifts.

This yarn can be machine washed and the recommended needle size is 8mm. All shades are priced at just £6.49 each, click on the images to BUY NOW.

Ruffles Scarf Wool Amethyst 1472

Ruffles Scarf Yarn (Amethyst 1472)

Ruffles Scarf Yarn Turquoise 1473

Ruffles Scarf Yarn (Turquoise 1473)

Ruffles Scarf Yarn Burgundy 1469

Ruffles Scarf Yarn (Burgundy 1469)

Ruffles Scarf Yarn Terracotta 1471

Ruffles Scarf Yarn (Terracotta 1471)

Ruffles Scarf Yarn Black 1470

Ruffles Scarf Yarn (Ebony 1470)

Ruffles Scarf Yarn Slate 1468

Ruffles Scarf Yarn (Slate 1468)

Ruffles Scarf Yarn Stylecraft


2 thoughts on “Stylecraft Ruffles Scarf Yarn

  1. Often seen scarves from this yarn at craft fairs and they were always VERY popular ! Sadly, I’m not really a knittere…..more of a sewing needle woman…..
    Kiki x

  2. I love the effect this yarn produces, I wonder if anyone has used it to edge garments? I’m more of a crocheter 🙂

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