Fleece Welly Socks

Welly Socks

welly socks fleece pink black green

Fleece Welly Socks (Olive Green) £7.69

These soft and comfy fleece welly socks are available in two sizes and three staple colours. Wellington boots are great for keeping your feet dry but some welly boots can be hard, cold and rub on the back of your legs – ouch! If this sounds like your wellingtons, then you could do with a pair of these fabulous fleecy welly socks. Simply slip your freezing feet inside the socks, pop your wellies on and fold the socks over the rim of your boots. Voilà! Snuggly, warm feet and legs from now until the end of winter.

Available in Pink, Black or Olive Green in UK sizes 3-5 or 6-8. All priced at £7.69 per pair.

Pink Fleece Welly Socks 

Fleece Welly Socks (Pink) £7.69


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