Venice White Net Curtain

White Net Curtain ‘Venice’

Venice Net Voile Window Curtain Striped  White

Venice Net Curtain from £1.69 per metre

These beautifully designed window curtain is available in a range of drops to suit your window size. The width is up to you! We sell our net curtains by the metre which will all be cut in one piece unless you would like us to cut your order for individual windows.

The Venice net curtain is easy care and has a slotted top ready for use with a rod or net wire. This net curtain has a speckled effect throughout and a striped pattern to the lower section.

Prices & Drops:

91cm (36″) drop – £1.69 per metre

114cm (45″) drop – £2.39 per metre

122cm (48″) drop – £2.69 per metre

137cm (54″) drop – £ 2.89 per metre

We recommend you double your window width when calculating your requirements to allow for sufficient gather to achieve the perfect look. The material of the Venice net curtain is 100% polyester and must be hand washed only.



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