Wood & Bamboo Beaded Door Curtain

Tuscany Beaded Door Curtains

Useful, functional and decorative, these door curtains are made from bamboo and wood can be used inside or out. On an outside door, they enable the air to circulate into your home whilst providing protection from inquisitive eyes and flying insects. Inside the house, these curtains can create an interesting focal point to your room. Lorraine, our Accounts Manager embellished hers with little bells and ribbons – who says functional can’t be artistic!

Beaded Door Curtains Zig Zags

Beaded Door Curtains (ZigZag) £10.99

Beaded Door Curtain Arrows

Beaded Door Curtain (Arrows) £10.99

Beaded Door Curtain (Diamonds) £10.99

The Tuscany beaded door curtains are available in the three designs pictured above and are priced at  £10.99 each + shipping. Remember, if you spend £30 and over on our website, UK shipping is FREE! And if you sign up for our newsletter, you will receive a 10% discount code to use on our website.

Additional Information:

The wooden beads are stained three complimenting colours and each strand is approximately 1″ apart from each other. The metal eyes for hanging are included but you will need to provide your own hooks.
Height: 180cm (6ft)
Width: 90cm (3ft)



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