Hi-Tec Mc Kinley Walking Boots

Mc Kinley Hiking Boots from the Hi-Tec 50 Peaks range

These Mc Kinley walking boots from Hi-Tec feature an MDT carbon rubber hiking outsole that offers superb grip in all terrains. They have a waterproof suede, mesh and synthetic upper with mesh with a moisture wicking lining to keep you dry and comfortable whilst hiking or walking. These boots also feature rustproof metal hardware. For extra support and cushioning, Hi-Tec have included an EVA midsole and soft padded collars.

Men’s Mc Kinley Hiking Boots:

Mens Hi Tec McKinley Walking Boots

Mens Hi-Tec Mc Kinley Walking Boots £29.99










Women’s Mc Kinley Hiking Boots:

Ladies Hi Tec McKinley Walking Boots

Ladies Hi-Tec Mc Kinley Walking Boots £29.99










50 Peaks by Hi-Tec

In 1990, a British adventurer completed a challenge wearing Hi-Tec hiking boots which saw him reach the summit of the highest peak in each of the 50 states in the U.S. by foot. It was on this day that 50 Peaks by Hi-Tec was born. The technology, build and durability of the boots enabled the athelete to withstand rocky trails, sub-zero temperatures and heavy snow from Florida’s Britton Hill to the top of Mt. Mc Kinley. The challenge took just 101 days, beating the previous record of 3 years by 994 days! Hi-Tec is proud to present its footwear carrying the brand ’50 Peaks Hi-Tec’.


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