TheraShoe Olea

Due to the runaway success of our recently stocked TheraSandals®, we have introduced another popular line from the Original TheraShoes® – the Olea.

TheraShoe olea oxford walkers rocker bottom trainers

TheraShoe Olea Rocker Bottom Trainers £19.99

The TheraShoe® Olea has a rocker bottom rubber outsole and leather upper. The trainers also feature the original patent pending TheraShoe impact absorbing rocker midsole and insole. Here’s what the makers of TheraShoe had to say about them:

“Therapeutic shoes are often perceived as being unattractive and expensive. This is certainly not the case with TheraShoe. TheraShoe are made specifically to be affordable therapeutic shoes that provide extra support so foot pain doesn’t get in your way while also being something people actually will want to wear in public. Our therapeutic shoes come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes so you don’t have to compromise the way you look for comfort. So whether you are off to work, the beach or to the mall, you can walk in confident knowing that ThearShoe will make every step as comfortable and pain free as possible. Our therapeutic shoes are especially great for those who suffer from foot problems such as plantar fasciitis or heel spurs.”

TheraShoe Olea Rocker Bottom Trainers

TheraShoe Olea Rocker Bottom Trainers £19.99

These original TheraShoe Olea trainers are available in black or white and in UK sizes 4-9 including some half sizes! All our items are delivered direct to your home and our flat rate UK delivery is just £3.95 – or FREE if you spend £30!



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